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Coaching for managers, leaders and employees

Intenco’s coaches have undergone a coach training in accordance with the ICF standard
(International Coaching Federation) and have extensive experience in individual coaching,
recruitment, personal assessment and personal management. With Intenco’s knowledge and
experience of various situations, issues, roles and positions, we contribute input that is
valuable when our clients are thinking about their future during a development process.

Individual management development

Being a manager isn’t easy. In times of change, expectations and demands on managers in the
organization sometimes shift and rise without them having the right toolbox to shoulder that
responsibility. We offer professional coaching to strengthen both new and experienced
managers in their leadership and help them in the challenges they face.

Intenco’s programs for professional executive coaching are always tailored to you as an
individual and for the company. The coaching program normally run over a period of six months. You meet your personal coach approximately once a month to reflect on your current situation, your development needs and goals for the future.

Among other things, we have helped managers who needed to:

  • Streamline their working methods and strengthen their self-leadership
  • Improve their communication skills
  • Develop tools for better balance in everyday life
  • Become a stronger leader
  • Handle difficult cases in a fast-moving everyday life

Individual employee development

Employee development aims to strengthen you as an employee to create a successful and
prosperous organization.

If you want to make a lasting change and gain in-depth insight about your current situation,
individual coaching is preferable. Together with one of our coaches, you get the opportunity
to strengthen your self-leadership, set the right goals and also find the strength to make the
goal a reality. 

What you can receive:

  • Individual coaching
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Strengthen communication
  • Find motivation and direction
  • To identify and develop strengths
  • To create behavior change
  • Career development

We offer a toolbox of strategies, practical tools and methods that can be used immediately.
The goal is for your employees to be motivated to influence their situation and thus to perform better. When we coach, we always start from the challenges and goals of the

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