Interim HR

Interim HR for shorter and longer assignments:

Sometimes an Interim HR manager, HR partner or HR director is needed for a shorter or longer period.

Many of our clients are growing companies. Some of them do not have their own HR-manager but still have the need for professional support in people-related topics. There is often extensive need in these companies for manager support. As the company grows, there is often an increased need for structuring and professionalizing HR without getting caught in heavy, complex processes and structures. That’s where we come into the picture. Our experienced consultants step into their interim HR roles with full engagement for the company’s work, affairs and personell topics.

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An HRBP / HR Partner supports your organization when you need support in the broad HR work and acts a competent sounding board for the managers.. 

  • An interim Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) or an interim HR Partner is an experienced person with knowledge of the entire breadth of possible HR issues and a good understanding of business-related HR work.
  • An interim HRBP works closely with the managers as a support, coach and sounding board for them in their daily challenges and also acts as a strategic sounding board in HR matters.
  • An interim HRBP drives, and is a support in, the entire breadth of HR issues and through all of the yearly HR processes such as performance reviews, work environment issues, development interviews, salary audits, difficult interviews, rehab, etc. An HRBP is often also part of the management team.

An HR manager / HR director leads the HR team, both in the day-to-day operations and in the strategic HR work.

  • An interim HR manager or HR director leads the HR teams’ work based on the needs of the business, both strategically and operationally. Someone in this role often has personnel responsibility for an HR team, is responsible for the day-to-day HR work as well as the more strategic HR work in the company.
  • An interim HR manager or HR director has broad HR competence where you stand firm in the entire HR agenda and, in addition, have the habit of leading teams and shouldering both the day-to-day and the more strategic HR work. An interim HR manager or HR director also acts as an important support and sounding board for management in all HR matters.
  • An interim HR manager or HR director leads the work with all the company’s HR processes and activities and is responsible for ensuring that it all supports the business goals.

An HR generalist provides broad support within HR alongside people with more senior skills.

  • A senior HR consultant is not always needed for an assignment. Instead, a HR team sometimes needs to be strengthened with an HR generalist who has a little less experience, who can work more HR administratively or support in various HR projects.
  • In our assignments there are often different types of needs; some need to be shouldered by a more senior HR consultant with solid HR manager experience, while for other tasks, more of an HR generalist is needed. Often the combination of these two creates tremendous value.
  • Intenco’s HR generalists are digitally strong and often contribute to projects around digitizing HR for our clients.