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Why Intenco?

Why should you become a consultant at Intenco? 

In our network of HR consultants there are both consultants with broad competency as HR generalists and deep knowledge as HR specialists. We have a mix of seniority amongst our consultants which gives us a fantastic opportunity to support in many ways: a combination of a senior experienced consultant and a more junior one is often the kind of team that’s needed. We can learn a lot from each other!

There are many reasons for choosing to be an HR consultant at Intenco. A common denominator for many is wanting to be part of a team of amazing colleagues that grow and develop together, learn from each other whilst also having fun. As a consultant with us you are either able to work through your own company as a partner/subcontractor or you can be employed by us. Regardless of type of employment you become a clear part of our gang – we care greatly about our consultants and we want everyone to be a part of our community. We arrange breakfasts, after works, joint competency development efforts and conferences that both contribute to community, context and sharing of knowledge.

As a consultant with us you can feel assured in knowing that we’ll match you with assignments where you’ll truly be able to contribute based on your competencies and what the client needs. You are involved from an early stage in the dialogue with the client to maximize your understanding for the assignment. During the course of the assignment we are close by to support and help you and there are always consultant colleagues in your proximity able to act as sounding boards, expert advice and whom can provide exchange of experiences when you need it.

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Spontaneous application

Do you want to become a consultant at Intenco or do you want to send us your spontaneous application for future HR assignments?

We are always interested in recruiting competent HR people for employment at one of our customers or to become an associated Intenco consultant. 

”There are a lot of good things to say about being an Intenco consultant!… Intenco works with so many interesting companies from so many industries and forms of business. A fantastically good partnership characterized by transparency, professionalism, warmth and joy!

- Helene Waldhagen, Consultant at Intenco

”I have been part of Intenco’s network for 4 years now because I feel safe, challenged and listened to here. I often get to work in teams with other awesome consultants, which makes the assignments even more fun. They are responsive to what I need and how I want to develop, and I feel really valued as a consultant and contributor to the network!”  

- Helena Önneby, Consultant at Intenco